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Retro Game Cheats For
"Pokemon Emerald"

This game is also available on GBA.

Retro Game Cheats for Pokemon Emerald (Gameboy)
Effect: How to get latios and latias
go to your house after you beat the elite four and look at the tv.when your mother asks you what color the pokemon on the tv was
Say blue for latios or say red for latias
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Effect: new area in safari zone
after you beat the elite 4
go back to the safari zone. it will have a new area with johto pokemon.
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Effect: Answers for Q and A Lady(Lilycove City)
when you talk to a lady in lilycove City
Which isn't a game version? Dark
Which is the pretty item? Flowers
Which stores your Pokemon? PC
Which will stop poison? Immunity
Which item do you break? Egg
Which stores information on Pokemon? PokeDex
A Pokemon was once this. Plush Doll
How do Pokemon evolve? Level
Steel is strong versus which? Ice
Ghost is weak vursus which? Psychic
Dark is weak versus which? Fighting
Which of these is music? Rock
Which will block escape? Shadow Tag
Which goes with center? Pokemon
Which will stop confusion? Own Tempo
Which machine gives you information? Television
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Effect: Powered-up Moves
Moves that are powered up on certain conditions
THUNDER= when opponent is Flying
EARTHQUAKE= when opponent is Digging
SURF= when opponent is Diving
REVENGE= when user is hit
FLAIL= when user's HP is low
ERUPTION & WATER SPOUT= when user's HP is high
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Effect: First Four Gym Weaknesses
before fighting
Roxanne: water, grass, fighting
Brawly: flying and psychic
Wattson: ground and rock
Flannery: water, rock, ground
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Effect: Get the rare premier balls
At the Poke Mart
Buy ten poke balls and you will get a premier ball these are quite and look alright but they have the same catch rate as a poke ball
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