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Retro Game Cheats for Pokemon Emerald (Game Boy Advance)
Effect: Loads off Cool cheats
On Gameshark/Action Replay
Navel Rock- 82031F84 421A
Birth Island- 82031F84 3A1A

World Edge Island- 82031F84 381A

Max Level (Lv. 255): 820241E4 00FF
Infinite HP: 820241E6 03E7
Max HP: 820241E8 03E7
Max Attack: 820241EA 03E7
Max Defense: 820241EC 03E7
Max Speed: 820241EE 03E7
Max SP. Attack: 820241F0 03E7
Max SP. Defense: 820241E2 03E7

No Random Battles
82037274 0000

Warp Code
82031F84 xxxx

-Bank 0-
0000- Petalburg City
0100- Slateport City
0200- Mauville City
0300- Rustboro City
0400- Fortree City
0500- Lilycove City
0600- Mossdeep City
0700- Sootopolis City
0800- Ever Grande City
0900- Littleroot Town
0A00- Oldale Town
0B00- Dewford Town
0C00- Lavaridge Town
0D00- Fallarbor Town
0E00- Verdanturf Town
0F00- Pacifidlog Town
1000- Route 101
1100- Route 102
1200- Route 103
1300- Route 104
1400- Route 105
1500- Route 106
1600- Route 107
1700- Route 108
1800- Route 109
1900- Route 110
1A00- Route 111
1B00- Route 112
1C00- Route 113
1D00- Route 114
1E00- Route 115
1F00- Route 116
2000- Route 117
2100- Route 118
2200- Route 119
2300- Route 120
2400- Route 121
2500- Route 122
2600- Route 123
2700- Route 124
2800- Route 125
2900- Route 126
2A00- Route 127
2B00- Route 128
2C00- Route 129
2D00- Route 130
2E00- Route 131
2F00- Route 132
3000- Route 133
3100- Route 134

-Bank A-
380A- Roof of Lilycove store

-Bank B-
380B- Fishing Guy House In Mossdeep City

-Bank C-
380C- House in Sootopolis

-Bank D-
380D- Phoebe

-Bank E-
380E- Meteor Falls

-Bank F-
380F- Fiery Path

-Bank 10-
0010- Sydney
0110- Phoebe
0210- Glacia
0310- Drake
0410- Wallace
0A10- Pokemon Center(before E4)
0B10- Hall of Fame

-Bank 17-
0017- Safari Zone(catch Pokemon like normal wild battle)

-Bank 18-
0018- Meteor Falls 1
0118- Meteor Falls 2
0218- Meteor Falls 3
0318- Meteor Falls 4
0418- Rusturf Tunnel
0518- Underwater (Sootopolis City)
0618- Desert Ruins
0718- Granite Cave 1
0818- Granite Cave 2
0918- Granite Cave 3
0A18- Granite Cave 4(Steven)
0B18- Petalburg Woods
0C18- Mt.Chimney
0D18- Jagged Pass
0E18- Fiery Path
0F18- Mt.Pyre 1(Inside)
1018- Mt.Pyre 2(Inside)
1118- Mt.Pyre 3(Inside)
1218- Mt.Pyre 4(Inside)
1318- Mt.Pyre 5(Inside)
1418- Mt.Pyre Top(Inside)
1518- Mt.Pyre 1(Outside)
1618- Mt.Pyre Top(Outside)
1718- Aqua Hideout 1
1818- Aqua Hideout 2
1918- Aqua Hideout 3
1A18- Underwater(Seafloor Cavern)
1B18- Seafloor Cavern 1
1C18- Seafloor Cavern 2
1D18- Seafloor Cavern 3
1E18- Seafloor Cavern 4
1F18- Seafloor Cavern 5
2018- Seafloor Cavern 6
2118- Seafloor Cavern 7
2218- Seafloor Cavern 8
2318- Seafloor Cavern 9
2418- Seafloor Cavern 10
2518- Cave of Origin 1
2618- Cave of Origin 2
2718- Cave of Origin 3
2818- Cave of Origin 4
2918- Cave of Origin 5
2A18- cave of Origin 6
2B18- Victory Road 1
2C18- Victory Road 2
2D18- Victory Road 3
2E18- Shoal Cave 1
2F18- Shoal Cave 2
3018- Shoal Cave 3(no water)
3118- Shoal Cave 4(no water)
3218- ?????
3318- ?????
3418- New Mauville 1
3518- New Mauville 2
3618- Abandoned Ship 1
3718- Abandoned Ship 2
3818- Abandoned Ship 3
3918- Abandoned Ship 4
3A18- Abandoned Ship 5
3B18- Abandoned Ship 6
3C18- Abandoned Ship 7
3D18- Abandoned Ship 8
3E18- Abandoned Ship 9
3F18- Abandoned Ship 10
4018- Abandoned Ship 11
4118- Abandoned Ship 12
4218- Abandoned Ship 13
4318- Island Cave
4418- Ancient Tomb
4518- Underwater, near Regi
4618- Same as above^
4718- Entrance of place where you activate Regis
4818- Place where you activate Regis
4918- Cave where you got TM11 Sunny Day
4A18- ?????
4B18- ?????
4C18- ?????
4D18- Sky Pillar 1
4E18- Sky Pillar 2
4F18- Sky Pillar 3
5018- Sky Pillar 4
5118- Sky Pillar 5
5218- Sky Pillar 6
5318- Sky Pillar 7
5418- Sky Pillar 8
5518- Top of Sky Pillar
5618- Magma Hideout 1
5718- Magma Hideout 2
5818- Magma Hideout 3
5918- Magma Hideout 4
5A18- Magma Hideout 5
5B18- Magma Hideout 6
5C18- Magma Hideout 7
5D18- Magma Hideout 8
5E18- Illusion Pillar 1
5F18- Illusion Pillar 2
6018- Illusion Pillar 3
6118- Illusion Pillar 4
6218- Desert Underground Tunnel
6318- Studio Cave 1
6418- Studio Cave 2

-Bank 1A-
0A1A- Southern Island
301A- Building next to Battle Tower in Battle Frontier
321A- Battle Frontier
381A- World's Edge Island (Mew)
391A- World's Edge Island 2
3A1A- Birth Island (Deoxys)
421A= Navel Rock (Lugia and Ho-oh)
Submitted By:
Effect: Get the Master Ball
In Team Aqua's base.
In Team Aqua's base, you should see a room with four items. Teleport around, until you get to that room. The item in the top left of the room is the Master Ball.
Submitted By:
Effect: unlimited masterballs without action replay or gameshark
during trade
u will need 2 gba's and 2 pokemon emeralds and in one of them u get 2 the point were u get a masterball make a pokemon hold 1 and trade to the other 1. continue doing this and u will get more masterballs!
Submitted By:
Effect: A Fake Faint
In battle
Have Geodude use Self Destruct (or any other pokemon with the move). Then get another pokemon to use wish. Geodude will now be back at full health.
Submitted By:
Effect: Get Meowth
In the building to the left of the Battle Tower.
Trade a Skitty with the lady in the building.
Submitted By:
Effect: Glitch: Gender Change
Watch your Rival's pokemon carefully each time you battle. Sometimes the gender will change on their pokemon.
Submitted By:
Effect: Free Premier Ball
In Rustboro or Petalburg Marts
Buy 10 Pokeballs and the shop assisstant will give you a free premier ball.
Submitted By:
Effect: Get Regice
During the game
Go to island cave, run around edge of room once.
Submitted By:
Effect: Get best pokemon
During the game
Kyogre:Defeat the Elite Four then go to the Sea Lair if the man who gave you Castform tell you there has been heavy rainfall. Kyogre will be in an underwater cave that requires Dive to enter.
Groudon:Defeat the Elite Four then go to the Land Lair. Groudon will be in an outdoor cave
Submitted By:
Effect: Clones Pokemon
During Game
Go to the battle tower put pokemon in someones pc out of pc and save game, take pm out of pc and take the challenge nearest to pc, it will ask if you want to save game,say yes then wait till it says again then say no, come out of challenge then turn game off, then on, look in pc to see if it has worked.
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