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Retro Game Cheats for Pokemon Fired (Gameboy)
Effect: How to catch Zapdos with first ball.
At the powr plant.
Enter the building and go to Zapdos and Press A and zapdos will battle you. Go into bag and select a POKEBALL. Use it. At the same time press UP then B UP then B. On the second time hold down UP and B.
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Effect: Articuno
saffron islands
In the sixth gym city the poke center has a path leading from it to a lake then you use surf and go south until you can't go anymore. Then you go a west direction until you get to a cave. Saffron islands is that cave. You have to keep pushing boulders down to stop the current. Once you've done all that you use to get articuno once there use your master ball . And don't worry about mewtwo I have a plan for that too. ENJOY!
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Effect: mewtwo
aFTER beating game
If your already at mewtwo dont use you master ball mewtwo is preaty easy to catch. Before stock up on a whole bunch of ultra balls and a pokemon that noise a sleep move like snorlax BE WHERE IT DOSEN'T DO DAMAGE. When your at mewtwo get in the red area then use rest or a sleep move. Use your ultra balls. Next thing mewtwo knows it will be in your pc. GOOD LUCK
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