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Retro Game Cheats for Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (PlayStation 2)
Effect: Unlock Falkin
Destroy the hangers on mission 11a 11b 12a 12b 16a 16b and 27.
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Effect: Falkin Unlock Falkin by destroying the hangars on mission 11a 11b 12a 12b 16a 16b and 27. Medals Play Campaign Mode or Free Mission Mode to unlock these medals. Destroy 5 enemy planes with the machine gun: Bronze Shooter Medal Get 'S' Ranks on every mission on Normal: Bronze Wing Medal When aiding allies in Missions 16A or 16B donít let more than 3 die: Desert Eagle Medal Destroy 200 enemy targets: Bronze Ace Medal Destroy 500 enemy targets: Silver Ace Medal Destroy 1000 enemy targets: Gold Ace Medal Down 50 enemy planes with the machine gun: Gold Shooter Medal Earn 'S' Ranks on all 32 missions on expert: Gold Wing Medal Kill all 16 named planes in 2nd play-through on Normal or harder: Grand Falcon Medal Down 10 enemies who get a missile lock on your wingman: Guardian Medal Protect all 8 armored tanks on ground: Lightning Hammer Medal Get Perfect from AWACS in all 6 landings and 2 refueling stages: Needle's Eye Medal Down 15 enemy planes with machine gun fire from your aircraft: Silver Shooter Medal Earn 'S' Ranks on all 32 missions on Hard: Silver Wing Medal Falken Get the missing parts from missions 12a, 12b, 16a, 16b, and 27a to unlock the Falken. You must destroy the hangar of each mission. For mission 12a, follow the river north, then go east at the fork in the river. You must be close for the hangar to show appear on radar. For mission 12b, after taking out the 4 radar sites, destroy enough targets and the hangar will show up near the smokestacks. The one in mission 16a is between the field HQ and the airfield. Mission 16b has it west of the river, between the airfield and oil refinery (south of the north-most river). The part on mission 27 is very close to the gun tower, in front of the tunnel. Music Player If you are a music person, you will like this: After you win the game, regardless of difficulty level, you can listen to background music from the Campaign mode. And when you beat Arcade Mode, music from the levels of Arcade will be added to the Music Player. Easy Win Against Sinfaxie Or Hrymfaxie Use the A-18C, F-2A, Raffle-M, or F-35C. When you go against the Sinfaxie play the level till the Ark Bird shoots it while itís under water, then when it is on the surface use the plains special weapon which should be the LASM (Long Rang Air to Surface Missiles) and lock onto the Sinfaxie Not the Launcher or any of the SAMs or AA Guns. When you go against the Hrymfaxie do not use the LASM until after you have damaged the Hrymfaxie and it surfaces to launch its ballistic missiles at allied ground troops. Song decision During one of the early stages of the campaign mode, Chopper will ask you about a song. Your next mission will depend on your answer ("Yes" or "No"). Also, at the end of the stage in which Edge gets rescued, Chopper will again ask you about the same song. Again, your "Yes" or "No" answer will decide which stage is next. X-02 Get all the other aircraft except for the Falken to unlock the X-02. Aircraft Names Mission 1: Hawk Mission 3: F-14D Mission 4: F-4G Mission 6: MIR-2000D Mission 10: EA-6B Mission 15: X-29A Mission 16A: Mig-31M Mission 16B: EA-18G Mission 17: FB-22 Mission 18: E-2A Mission 23: Mig-21-93 Mission 25: YA-10B Mission 26: Rafale B Mission 27: Su-37 Mission 27+: Mig-1.44 Gameshark 2 version 4 cheat codes. These are all the gameshark codes that exists in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.(2009) Master code(Must be activated):98286B88 78C29887 Infinite health:2809B454 68F7E401 Infinite Gun(Not important in Very Easy Mode):28083F65 0CD0EC02 Infinite Ammo(MSSL) :2808BF6F 0CA57A65 (SPWPN):28083064 0CA57A65 Credits:D852BF15 0CA5CB3E 2846C27C 1CD1A03E No ground/building collisions:280CC254 E8167AEA Please rate my cheat. How to take down the Yellow ace in mission 27 Okay first take off with a plane with XMAA or XLAA. Save three XMAA or XLAA when you go into the tunnel,when you get a lock on at the Yellow SU-37,fire but most likely you will miss him so take him out with your missles. What To Do On Mission 12B: Four Horsemen On mission 12B once you start your team will split up and you enlarge your radar(map) make sure your arrow is pointed to the first target, once you get there and Nagase starts counting down, when she says 2 thats your que to fire two missles at the radar, keep doing that until all four radars are destroyed. Then you speed up to their runway and destroy all transport planes(C- 5) and then the base is sitting there for you to destroy it. Good Luck! "8492" (use a plain with QAAMs) .first speed up to the escort plain and then two missiles will fire at you dogde them and turn around and target the E-767 and destroy it then use the QAAMs and try and destroy the Su-47.(do not go to a head to head fight with a plane, do never go to a head to head fight with a group of planes you will die). when you have destroyed it then target the Yf-23a and keep it on your radar until it goes straight then fire 2 missiles. carry on to destroying the su-47s until there are a second wave off enemy forces. destroy the other E-767 and continue to destroy the other planes. at the end of destroying the yf-23as and su-47s check on the map if there are any more planes. if there are destroy them then mission accomplished. if not still mission accomplished. Reference To Ace Combat 4 The special color plane for the SU-37 is the same style as Ace Combat 4's Yellow 13. Plus, the named pilot you shoot down to get it is named YELLOW. Perfect Mid-Air Refueling All you have to do is slowy fly up to the KC-10 and when it says hold position keep the plane in that position. Don't change the plane's direction just push down the throwdel button (R1) lightly and pull up to the tanker slowly. Note: If you change the plane's direction it will be extreamly difficult to line up the plane to the target. Beat Aces/Unsung War Without Much Work When you take off from the Krestral, equip your squad with the F-35C. When Aces start and all of the gun towers are opreational stay at a distance and take them out with your LASM's. After that just shoot down some aircraft until you have to fly into the tunnel. On Unsung War it's very easy because you just have to fly to the drop point of the SOLG. Don't worry about the Belcan fighters, the mainly target your wingmen if you're on normal difficulty Auto Pilot While flying hold L2+R2 to go into Auto pilot. Another Reference to "Ace Combat 4" In the mission "Handfull of Hope" (8) the president (Mr. Cargo) says he 's trying to get to North Point. In Ace Combat 4, North Point is the area of the base of ISAF. F-4G Colors The F-4G is the same plane that Captin Bartlet flies. You can aquire it's special paint job in mission number 4. The paint job is a hippi's DREAM! Dog fight view Target an enemy and then turn the oppisite way and press triangle and hold it down. Missile view Fire a missile and hold circle for as long as you want and you will see the missile go to the target. From jay F-14A Colors And Planes The F-14A's colors are the following: OS(osean which is a grey color, RZ(Razgriz) which is black and YK(Yuke) which is like a desert camo. The F-14A's other planes are the F-14B and F-14D. SU-27 Colors And Planes The SU-27's colors are the following: OS(osean) which is like a blue and whit camo put together, RZ(Razgriz) Which is a black color and YK(Yuke) which is like a light brown and dark brown put together in camo. The SU-27's planes are The SU- 32 , the SU-35 and the SU-37. Easy Completion Of Mission 27+ After you've unlocked the FALKEN plane, use it on mission 27+. After you defeat the 8492nd and Ofnir double squad fly toward the drop point of the SOLG and when it appears use the special weapon TLS (Tactical Laser) and it should cut through EVERYTHING, even the giant spinning thingys and the SOLG will be destroyed. YA-10B SP Paint Job On the mission Heratbreak One when you face the 8492 squad there is YA-10B Flying around the area where you started the mission. Shoot him down and you get a Lightning themed paint job for your YA-10B. Unlock F-22A just after beating mission 4/First Flight When you finish mission 4 you'll be able to buy,sell or change your plane.At this time save and exit campaign mode and select arcade mode.Start and launch xmaa's frum raptor.Then crash! Close the campaign mode and enter buying screen.You'll see F-22A in the list.But you'll need 24.000 for it. What To Do On Mission 10 Blind Spot the jammer aircraft flying in the air are messing with your radar so that it looks like there are twice the number of enemies. Before you shoot at any of the targets you need to visualy confirm that thry are real targets.
during the game
ADF-01 secret hangar locations.
Description: Unlock the ADF-01 Falken in Ace Combat 5:The Unsung War,you need to destroy 5 ADF-01 hangars.

1. Mission 12a :Fly close to the river where your mission begins and take the right when the river splits.Keep an eye on your radar you will see two extra enemies.One is the hangar while the other is a MIG-29A protecting it.
2. Mission 12b :Near the chemical plant.
3. Mission 16a :About North-East of the map you will see it.
4. MIssion 16b :About East of the map,near river.
5. Mission 27 :Near a gun tower.

***The Falken hangars are grey with red lines.
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