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Retro Game Cheats for Captive (Amiga)
Effect: Gives you a little help killing monsters.
Any time during the game.
If you're being chased by a monster that you can't quite handle on your own, back off to the square just behind a door. When the monster tracks you down, hit the 'door close' button and the door will start closing. But it won't be able to close so it will hit the monster and damage them. Then it will try to close again, and damage the monster again, until the monster is dead or you are.
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Effect: Stops crippled team members slowing you down.
Any time during the game.
If so much as one of your team members is crippled - in other words, if one of their legs is out of action - your whole party will be slowed down, making you easy fodder for monsters. Fortunately, your team are all robots, so what you can do is remove the brain chip from your wounded member, thereby deactivating him, and put all his parts in the inventories of the surviving members. Find a repair shop and you can revive him when need be.
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Effect: Lets you shoot enemies even if you have no ammo.
Any time you're near a power socket.
If you're out of ammo, find a power socket and put your robot's finger in it. But instead of using the charged up finger to charge up your robots, point it any enemy and you'll fire out a damaging electrical charge. Rinse and repeat and you can damage foes easily even if you have no bullets.
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