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Retro Game Cheats for Pokemon Gold/Silver (Gameboy)
Effect: high rate of catching. even at full health.
in a wild pokemon battle.
first, throw a pokeball. then when the pokeball is in the air, hold B and DOWN when pokemon gets inside the pokeball, let go of B and DOWN.
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Effect: stop evolution of pokemon
during the evolution prosses
keep pressing the B button
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Effect: Gets you extremely rare Pokemon such as Mewtwo, the three legendary birds, etc. etc. without the use of GameShark or any other code device!
Anytime when the Time Capsule is up and running.
OK. Well first, you must have Pokemon Gold or Silver version, two Game Boys, and a copy of Pokemon Red or Blue. You also have to have a link cable. To do this, play through the Blue and/or Red game until you make it to the Pokemon that you want on Gold or Silver. Simple. Just catch the Pokemon, and head to the Pokemon Center in both games. Be sure to link up the two Game Boys with the link cable. Then, for Gold/Silver, go to the Time Capsule, and on Blue/Red go to the Cable Club. Trade the good Pokemon with some Pokemon that you don't really care about. Do this a lot, and you'll not only have rare, legendary Pokemon, but you could also get a pretty good shot at winning the Lottery. Happy Gaming!!!
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Effect: all three starter pokemon.
at the beginning of the game
It is possible to get all three starting Pokémon in the Gold and Silver versions using the cloning glitch. Just start a new game and save just befoe choosing your starter. Do not save after this point or it will not work!

Continue to play normally with the Pokémon you chose until you get your first 5 Pokéballs. Catch any wild Pokémon in the area around Newbark Town or Cherrygrove City (you need at least one Pokémon in your party at all times). give the starte pokemon a poke-ball it will make your life easier for the next step.

Deposit your starter into the PC at the Pokémon Center, and go to change boxes. While it is saving, turn of your Gameboy and turn it back on again(it helps if you turn it off as soon as it says 'saving'). Be careful when doing this as if you do it improperly, you may mess up your save data.

Load the game as it was before choosing your first starter, but this time choose a different one. Repeat the above steps (catching another wild Pokémon, depositing starter from this game, etc.)

When you load the game a third time, take the starter you didn't pick the other times. Then go to the Pokémon Center and pick up the other two starters from the PC.

Isn't it great when you don't have to choose :)?
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