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Retro Game Cheats For
"The Sims 2 / Sims 2: University"
(PC Games)

Retro Game Cheats for The Sims 2 / Sims 2: University (PC Games)
Effect: 50,000 money everytime used
on the buy screen where you buy furniture
hold down shift and Ctrl then press c a bos should appear at the top of the screen then type in motherlode and press enter and ure money shoudl increase by 50,000 u can do this as many times as you want ! to exit the box press escape on your keyboard
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Effect: U can create ur own dorms
when ur building a house
build the lot u want as a dorm and b4 goin bac 2 the neighbourhood type in changeLotZoning dorm. it shood now b a dorm in da neighbourhood. make sure u hav put in those doors that u put a pic of sim on as da doors 2 get in da rooms
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Effect: the cheat will give you at least 20 thousand simoleons.
it will be activated in the create a family menu.
when you make the family make all the people in differant families. Then go to the family bin and combine them together. However many families there are times by 20 thousand is the total amount of simoleons your family will start the game with.
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Effect: Gives you all of the cheats
Anytime except for at the neighborhood screen.
Type, Control, Shift, and c at the same time. Then type help -all. To get out of the white rectangular box, press Escape.
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