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Retro Game Cheats For
"Need for Speed Underground 2"
(PC Games)

This game is also available on PC, PS2, DS, GameCube and GBA.

Retro Game Cheats for Need for Speed Underground 2 (PC Games)
Effect: all cars
Screen before main menu
ordermebaby or ordermybaby
Effect: 200 cash
Screen before main menu
Effect: Unlocks Best Buy' S Muscle Car
The cheat should be activated at the main screen
Type This in:up,down,up,down,down,up,right
Submitted By:
Effect: All Cheats and Hints
Start of game menuand during the game

These are the main codes for Need for Speed: Underground 2 that are applied
by typing text in-game, or by bringing down the game console.

Enter one of the following codes before pressing [Enter] to get into the main menu to
activate the cheat function:

Code Result
opendoors - The Doors sponsor car
yodogg - Snoop Dogg sponsor car
wannacapone - Capone sponsor car
shinestreetbright - ShinestStreet sponsor car
wintmyd3 - D3 sponsor car
davidchoeart - David Choe sponsor car
tunejapantuning - Japantuning sponsor car
gimmechingy - Chingy Navigator sponsor car
needmybestbuy - Best Buy vinyl in Career mode
goforoldspice - OldSpice vinyl in Career mode
gottahavebk - BurgerKing vinyl in Career mode
gotmycingular - Cingular vinyl in Career mode
gottaedge - Edge vinyl in Career mode
needperformance1 - Unlock performance parts level 1
needperformance2 - Unlock performance parts level 2
gimmevisual1 - Unlock visuals level 1
gimmevisual2 - Unlock visuals level 2
ordermebaby - $1,000 in Career mode, RX-8 and Skyline in quick race mode
regmybank - $200 in Career mode
regmebaby - $20,000 in Career mode

Hint: Get more nitro faster:

At the start of the race you can just tap the nitro button to get a little more.
And your nitro will go up faster during the race.

Full NOS:

To do this first your NOS must be empty, then goto one of the garages Eg.
Performance shop, Graphics shop, ect. When you exit the garage and see your NOS it
Will be full again.


While in career mode go to any of the car specialties shops and install one of the
hydraulics.Now start a race and use the hydraulics at the starting line.
This way you will get some more nitro


To get your NOS up, by driving full speed in the road then pull up the hand brake and
turning keeping the peddle to the metal you can make 360 turns, this will up you nos.


If somebody wishes to install vinyl layers over unique vinyl.then here is the process.
First you apply any unique vinyl,then purchase setup.After that if you wish to apply
more layers on it for example any body vinyle,then again come in customization(vinyles)
apply body vinyle,At this stage when trying to apply this you'll receive this kind of
message:No layers over unique vinyls can be applied either remove or replace
it,it won't show you the unique vinylwhich you had applied before,it'll only show you the
latest applied vinyl.Don't worry about it and just purchase setup.when you do so you'll
see many layers that you've applied over unique vinyl.


In Jackson Hill there are many places where the ledge is away from the road.
In organic drift racing drift your car between the dusty area between the road
and the ledge. If done correctly you can score more than 60000 points in that single


At the first menu that pops up(start menu) type all the cheats you know or the
cheats that are displayed for this game all at once. This can help u so you dont
have to restart the whole game again!


Just before going to perform an outrun make sure you got lot of nitrous,
if not just take your car to an open area and press the accelerator,turn,
handbrke buttons simultaneously you would 360 and gain a lot nitrous

Submitted By:
Effect: chingy navagator
Screen before main menu
Effect: japan tuning
Screen before main menu
Effect: the doors gto
Screen before main menu

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