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"WWF In Your House"

This game is also available on PS1 and PC.

Retro Game Cheats for WWF In Your House (Saturn)
Effect: Play as Macho Man
During the game
At the title screen press: L, R, L, L, R, Up, Down.
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Effect: Auto Super Pin
During the game
While playing, press D, D, D, D, BLK to pin your opponent.
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Effect: Special Moves
During the game
Here are several special moves, some of which are strange even for professional wrestlers.
Press charge for three seconds to turn Vader into a Bison.

Charge punch for 3 seconds and release for Goldust to throw Gold Dust in their eyes.
Powerslam opponents as the British Bulldog by tapping FF SuperKick.

Tap DF Punch to do the Undertake's Sliding Choke Grab.

Owen Hart's card shuffle is performed by tapping DF Kick.

Ahmed Johnson Pearl River Plunge is performed by tapping BB Superkick from a headhold.

Charge SuperPunch for 3 seconds and release to do Bret Hart's Crucifixion.
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