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Retro Game Cheats For
"James Bond : Everything or Nothing"
(PlayStation 2)

Retro Game Cheats for James Bond : Everything or Nothing (PlayStation 2)
Effect: Platinum Challenges
In Game
Mission 1-Ground Level : Take Less than 500 damage to earn platinum medal

Mission 2- A Long Way Down : Complete in under 3:30 to earn a Platinum medal

Mission 3- Train Chase : Board the train in less than 2:15 earns platinum

Mission 4-An Old Friend : Take 0 damege

Mission 5-Sand Storm : Destroy the Base in less than 0:45

Mission 6-Serena St. Germaine : Reach the fortress in less than 1:50

Mission 7-Vertigo : Complete in less than 4:00

Mission 8-The Ruined Tower : Fire 10 rounds or less

Mission 9-Death Of An Agent : Take less than 100 damage

mission 10-A Show Of Force : Catch the plane in less than 0:45

Mission 11-Mardi Gras Mayhem : Reach the van in less than 0:40

Mission 12-The Kiss Kiss Club : Use No Ammo

Mission 14-Battle In The Big Easy : Reach Diavolo's compound in less than 0:55

mission 17-The Pontchartrain Bridge : Disable the tanker in Less than 3:20

Mission 18-A Simple Exchange : Complete in less than 0:40

mission 19-Red Line : Complete in less than 4:50(1:36 per lap over 3 laps=4:48)

Mission 21- The High Road : Get to the mine in less than 1:20

mission 22-Diavolo's Plan : beat a time of 3:00

Mission 23-The Platinum War : Stop the bomb in under 2:15

Mission 24-Dangerous Decent : Survive with less than 100 damage
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Effect: Platinum Rewards
In game
1=Golden Gun
3=Improved Traction
5=Improved Battery
7=Double ammo
9=Double Damage
11=Full Ammo
15=Full Battery
17=All Weapons
19=Unlimited Battery
23=Unlimited Ammo
25=Slow Motion Driving
27=Platinum Gun
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Effect: Regain health
During the game
Press R2 to crouch down and you will see you life increase slowly
Effect: Double Ammo
Pause Menu
Circle , Circle , Cross , Square , Triangle
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Effect: golden gun
during the game
Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle
Effect: Cloak
Unlocked by getting 13 "Platinum" awards pause the game.
press Circle, Triangle, X, Triangle, Square.
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Effect: Platinum gun
Unlocked by getting 27 "Platinum" awards pause the game
Press Circle, Square(2), Circle, X.
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Effect: Gold Medal Rewards (The Interesting ones,weapons upgrades)
In Game
Helicopter with 6 Gold
Tank with 10
Cayenne with 12
Vanquish with 15
Triumph with 21
Nanotank with 24
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Effect: Full Ammo
Pause Menu
Circle , Circle , Triangle , Square , Square
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Effect: All weapons
Unlocked by getting 17 "Platinum" awards pause the game.
Press Circle, Triangle, X(2), Circle.
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