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Retro Game Cheats for Project Gotham Racing 2 (Xbox)
Effect: Different Paintjobs for cars with only ONE Colour.
XB-Live Multiplayer, in a
NO CAR RESTRICTIONS server! and you MUST have access to the Ultimate Races!
**NOT AVAILABLE TO SERVER HOST'S, (unless, it was done before the server was started)**
I will use the "Ultimate-Porsche-GT1" for this example, but any car with only 1 colour paintjob will work.
It will help, if you have a friend in a server already, as you will use this person for the quick join later, But first.
1) Join a NO CAR RESTRICTIONS server.
2) Select the Porsche GT1.
3) Select the WHITE paintjob.
4) Now WITHOUT choosing what gears to use, press BACK (3 times), so that you are now able to select a different group of cars, lets choose "ROADSTER".
5) Now select a car, the Vauxhall will do.
6) Now, just HOVER the cursor over the colour you'd like. DO NOT SELECT THE COLOUR, as you will HAVE to start again!
This is where you're going to have to experiment alittle, as the colour you choose, may NOT be what you end up with)!
7) Now press BACK, all the way back, out of the server, back to where you choose Single & Multi/player, and choose SINGLEPLAYER.
9) Then enter the ULTIMATE Races,
DO NOT SELECT ANYTHING! Just wait for the scoreboard to be accessed on whatever track is highlighted.
10) Once you can see the scores, press BACK, to get to the SINGLE/MULTIPLAYER
choices, choose MULTIPLAYER, XBOX LIVE, press Y, enter your friends list, find your friend in the server we left earlier, and press Y again to QUICK JOIN your friend, and hey presto, a new paintjob.
Now you can stay in the server, whilst your friend changes his colour.
You will have that paintjob even if you turn your machine off, JUST DON'T CHOOSE ANOTHER CAR, if you do, ya gotta start again.
Effect: TVR Cerbera Speed 12
During the game
Beat the Kudos Challenge with a Platinum Medal.
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Effect: Unlock Ferrari 250 GTO Car
During the game
Beat the Kudos Challenge with a Bronze Medal.
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Effect: Unlock Mercedes CLK-GTR Car
During the game
Beat the Kudos Challenge with a Gold Medal.
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Effect: Unlock Porsche 911 GTi Car
During the game
Beat the Kudos Challenge with a Silver Medal.
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