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Ronin Blade Cheats

Effect: Accqiure the rusted sword.
During the game, on chapter 4.
After you find a way out of the cave in chapter 3, you will find yourself in the town sqaure. At this point you will encounter many monsters. You will have to kill at least 255 or more. After that you will come across two giant snake like monsters who are reletively easy providing that you have the two swords equiped. After you defeat them both you will obtain the rusted sword. Take it to the swordsmith just before the raven forest. He will mend it for you and then you can cause some serious damage on anybody because it is the sharpest blade in the game and you will also learn a hidden technique when you equip it which can deal very heavy damage against anybody including the bosses all throughout the game.
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Effect: Aquire RAKUYO
Lin's Story Chapter 5
After you defeat the monsters in the Village Square you must go to the graveyard. If you remember in Chapter 2 when you enter the vacant house you read coded notes; Broken Lamp, Stone Pavement, Banner, Path of Guiding Light, and Temple. When you enter the temple you must go through the 2 laterns at the entrance, [ast the row of banners and afterward find the broken lamp, in it is the HELMET CODE LETTER. after that you must take the to the blacksmith near the entrance of Raven Forest at the edge of town, walk in and the blacksmith, Taka will give you the legendary sword RAKUYO
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