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This game is also available on DS.

Retro Game Cheats for Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (Game Boy Advance)
Effect: TM List
Here is a of all TMs in the game:
TM 01 (Focus Punch): Found at Route 115.
TM 02 (Dragon Claw): Found at Meteor Falls.
TM 03 (Water Pulse): Found at Sootopolis City Gym.
TM 04 (Calm Mind): Found at Mossdeep City Gym.
TM 05 (Roar): Found at Route 114.
TM 06 (Toxic): Found at Fiery Path.
TM 07 (Hail): Found at Shoal Cave.
TM 08 (Bulk Up): Found at Dewford Town Gym.
TM 09 (Bullet Seed): Found at Route 104.
TM 10 (Hidden Power): Found at Slateport City/Fortree City. Costs 3,000
TM 11 (Sunny Day): Found at Scorched Slab.
TM 12 (Taunt): Found at Trick House.
TM 13 (Ice Beam): Found at Mauvile City/ Abondoned Ship. Costs 4,000
TM 14 (Blizzard): Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 5,500
TM 15 (Hyper Beam): Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 7,500
TM 16 (Light Screen): Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 3,000
TM 17 (Protect): Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 3,000
TM 18 (Rain Dance): Found at Abondoned Ship.
TM 19 (Giga Drain): Found at Route 123.
TM 20 (Safeguard): Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 3,000
TM 21 (Frustration): Found at Pacifidlog Town.
TM 22 (Solarbeam): Found at Safari Zone.
TM 23 (Iron Tail): Found at Meteor Falls.
TM 24 (Thunderbolt): Found at Mauville City. Costs 4,000
TM 25 (Thunder): Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 5,500
TM 26 (Earthquake): Found at Seafloor Cavern.
TM 27 (Return): Found at Fallarbor Town/Pacifidlog Town.
TM 28 (Dig): Found at Route 114.
TM 29 (Psychic): Found at Mauville City/Victory Road. Costs 3,500
TM 30 (Shadow Ball): Found at Mt. Pyre.
TM 31 (Brick Break): Found at Sootopolis City.
TM 32 (Double Team ): Found at Mauville City. Costs 1,500
TM 33 (Reflect): Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 3,000
TM 34 (Shock Wave): Found at Mauville City Gym.
TM 35 (Flamethrower): Found at Mauville City. Costs 4,000
TM 36 (Sludge Bomb): Found at Dewford Town.
TM 37 (Sandstorm): Found at Route 111.
TM 38 (Fire Blast): Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 5,5000
TM 39 (Rock Tomb): Found at Rustboro City Gym.
TM 40 (Aerial Ace): Found at Fortree City Gym.
TM 41 (Torment): Found at Slateport City.
TM 42 (Facade): Found at Petalburg City Gym.
TM 43 (Secret Power): Found at Slateport City/Route 111. Costs 3,000
TM 44 (Rest): Found at Lilycove City.
TM 45 (Attract): Found at Verdanturf Town.
TM 46 (Thief): Found at Slateport City.
TM 47 (Steel Wing): Found at Granite Cave.
TM 48 (Skill Swap): Found at Mt. Pyre.
TM 49 (Snatch): Found at S.S. Tidal.
TM 50 (Overheat): Found at Lavaridge Town Gym.
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Effect: Unlocks mystery events
During the game
Collect at least 5 gym badges from different gyms and go to petalburg city.
Go to the pokemon center then go to the man next to the computer. He then asks you if you want a new profile and say yes. Change the words on the screen to read MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING. The man ask if it is ok and say yes he then tells you you are now a member of the mystery events club.
Save your game and turn off the power.
If you have a e-reader swipe your battle-e card through it. Turn your gameboy back on and select mystery events and folow the directions and the screen will now say new trainer in hoenn. Go to mossdeep city and below the poke'mart there is a house go in there and talk to the man at the back of the room he will now let u battle the new trainer.
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Effect: Red tent.
Trick house.
Beat him 5 times.
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Effect: Obtain Bagon, Shellgon, and Salamence
During The Game
After you defeat the eighth gym leader and teach one of your pokemon Waterfall, go to Meteor Falls where you found Tm 02 (Dragon Claw) and catch a Bagon. Raise it Lv. 50 and it will evolve into Salamence, but not before evolving into Shellgon.
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Effect: Lets you get rayquaysa (pokemon no# 200)
During the game.
go to sky pillar after defeating the elite four with the mach bike and make sure you go over the cracks fast or you will fall through get to the top and there is rayquaysa.
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Effect: Unlocks 3 exclusive pokemon, regirock, registeel and regice
After you have become Pokemon champion
Once you have become pokemon champion, go to Pacifidlog town and surf west until you reach the waves on route 134. surf along them until you get to a bit near the end where you can dive. Dive hear and then swim for a bit downwards until you reach a small underwater cave. Enter and resurface. Go to the top part of the cave, read the braille if you want and use dig to break through. In the next room put a relicanth (a strange fish type pokemon found underwater by sootapolis, hard to find) at the top of your party and a wailord at the back spot, evolves from wailmer at lv 40. Read the braille at top of room and you will trigger an earthquake. You can now leave and go to get the 3 regi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1) Registeel: there is a volcano in the southwest region on route 120. Go in to the center of the room and use FLY. You have found registeel!
2) Regirock: go to lavaridge go down the mountain and into desert. In southern part there is another mountain. Enter, walk to the center tile at top of room, go down 3 steps, 2 steps right and then use strengh. There is regirock!
3) Regice (the hardest to catch because it's see through body prevents stats loss!!!) : in route 105 theres a small island to the west. go in and read the braille. Now this is the annoying bit. You have to wait 1-2 minutes! for the wall to open and you must not move, press A on the braille and red, don't move. Be patient and say hi to regice!
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Effect: When you use a pokeball, the catch rate is at 90 percent.
After you use a pokeball to capture a pokemon when the black screen comes up.
When the black screen comes up press up and B at the same time until the black screen goes off and your back to the battle. Note: the black screen only stays on for 1.5 seconds.
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Effect: Lets you go to southern island
In Gameshark mode
0332305F 41A5F851
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Effect: Obtain Bagon
During The Game
Bagon is the first stage of Salamence, Elite Four Drake's best Pokemon. Bagon can be found in the smallest room of Meteor Falls. It evolves into Shellgon, and then Salamence.
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Effect: Gets you latios in sapphire or latias in ruby.
In gameshark mode.
Type 0332305F 41A5F851.
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