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Retro Game Cheats for Nightcaster (Xbox)
Effect: tells you where the rune stones are
during game
Light rune:- Chapter 3, a witch and her sister will give you the rune and a spell.
Fire rune:- Chapter 4, Defeat the Beguiler and his clown to get the rune.
Water rune:- Chapter 8, reunite the lost brothers to get the rune.
Dark rune:- Chapter 10, reunite the two children with their mother to get the rune
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Effect: Full health
During Game
When You Are Near A Mushroom Ring And You Are Very Low On Health, Save The Game Then Quit And Reload Your Game. Your Health Will Now Be At The Maximum Level
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Effect: Defeating the gorgons
During the game
If you're having a hard time defeating the light/dark gorgons, here is how to do it:

All you have to do is make them chase you into where the tiles form a medusa head.

Just do one gorgon, and then the other. and when they see each other, watch what happens.
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Effect: Healing
During the game
When you have the Light essence, use the light rune when you're out of battle and you can slowly heal.
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