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Retro Game Cheats for Shrek (Xbox)
Effect: Extra modes
Do four good deeds to unlock the race mode. If you perform well in race mode, you will get tokens, which can be used to buy the following: Chalk Mode, Crude Oil Mode, Cyber Shadows, Fast Mode, Infinite Flame, Infinite Gas, Invulnerability, Leak Mode, Low Gravity, Money For Merlin, Plastic Mode, Super Flatulence, and Super Strength.
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Effect: Invincibility
At The Tiltle Screen
Press Up, Down(2), B, A(2), X, Down, Up, Left, B. Alternately, press Up, Down(2), B, A(2), Down, Up, Left, B
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Effect: race mode
Four good deeds to get this
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Effect: This cheats allows donkey to go through a fence.
In Jack and Jills farm.
Just before the killer Tomoto Mission in jack and jills farm walk towards the pig and say NO when he asks you to get the water. Get donkey to run to the fence on the right of the pig and get donkey to attack and he will end up on the other side when it is not his hero time it is Puss in Boots Hero Time.
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