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Retro Game Cheats For
"Worms Armageddon"

This game is also available on PC, N64 and DC.

Retro Game Cheats for Worms Armageddon (PlayStation)
Effect: Watch cool Movies
During the main menu
Just wait for 30 seconds without pressing anything and hey presto!
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Effect: Get Laser Ammo
during game
beat mission 4
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Effect: Get Jetpack Ammo
During Game
beat Mission 8
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Effect: Get Industructable Landscapes
during Game
Get Elite on Deathmatch
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Effect: Get Fast Walk
during game
beat mission 13
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Effect: Gives total mayhem
On the create a new game menu
Click on the game scheme menu, then go up until you can find the arms race option. After waiting a few turns you will build up you arsnal and will have a unlimited amount for some weapons (e.g Holy hand grenade) and if you are playing on a "no roof" arena you maybe after ten turns be able to activate the armageddon option which will rain fireballs down and only very very shelted worms may live. Armageddon is the ultimate weapon and other wepons are unlocked (e.g nuclear test)
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Effect: Cheat mode
game options screens
Complete one of the following goals to unlock the corresponding feature, which may be enabled at the weapons or game options screens.

Effect Goal
Earn gold medal in Basic Training mode Worms bleed when shot
Earn gold medal in Super Sheep Racing training mode Aqua sheep
Earn gold medal in Euthanasia training mode Longbow power-up
Earn gold medal in Rifle Range training mode Shotgun power-up
Earn gold medal in Artillery Range training mode Grenade power-up
Earn gold medal in Crazy Crates training mode All weapon crates have sheep
Earn an Elite rank in Deathmatch mode Invincibility
Complete mission 4 Laser sight
Complete mission 8 Jetpack
Complete mission 13 Fast walk
Complete mission 16 Invisibility in multi-player games
Complete mission 20 Low gravity
Complete mission 25 Indestructible landscape
Complete mission 33 Super Banana Bomb power-up
Get a Gold medal and Elite rank in all Full Wormage game options

Effect: Kills all of the other teams men easily.
During the Game.
Use a baseball bat on each of your opponants one by one and aim towards the each of the map and they will go straight of the map.
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