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Retro Game Cheats For
"Ace Combat 4"
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on PC.

Retro Game Cheats for Ace Combat 4 (PlayStation 2)
Effect: All Aircraft
During play
All aircraft:
Use the following steps to unlock all aircraft, including special colors. First, acquire an aircraft by destroying it in battle. This is easy, except for three aircraft. Forget the ground targets and dogfight instead, which is the true nature of an ace. You can acquire three different paint schemes for each aircraft. Two of the paint schemes can be acquired by destroying that color aircraft in battle. To acquire the special brightly colored third aircraft, you must find and kill the pilot flying it. On each level of the game there is a single hidden aircraft (eighteen total hidden aircraft). Each one of these aircraft has a specific pilot. When you see the aircraft in front of you and lock on, it will display the pilot's name next to the aircraft name and lock on square. For example, "S-37A SMIRNOVA". The hidden aircraft will not show up on radar until you get nearby. On radar, the aircraft will be marked with a red triangle instead of yellow. Each hidden aircraft is always in the same place on their specific level. This is always in an empty spot on the map away from the main combat zone. The aircraft can usually be found directly behind the main combat zone. Last but not least are the three remaining aircraft. To acquire the Yellow Squadron fighter (SU-37) of your nemesis Yellow-13, you must kill all of the pilots with names flying the special colored aircraft (eighteen total).
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Effect: Expert Mode
During Game
Successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty setting to unlock the expert difficulty setting
Submitted By:
Effect: Special F-5E Tiger II/Enemy`s F-5
During Game
First mission.accelerate forwards on full afterburner, and fly 2 grid blocks beyond the airfeild.shoot 1 missle head-on to kill the special. You've unlocked his air craft, and have made 2 additional F4s take off. You should get the bombers as their bombing or as they fly over anderson crater. leave 1 bomber untill youve shot down all 4 enemy fighters, then kill it.Yet another "S",& 3 extra fighters.
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Effect: Ace Difficulty
After beating expert
you will be awarded the Ace Difficulty, If you miss any missions without getting S ranking, You won't have the X-02 for this setting!
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Effect: GameShark Codes
before you play the game
Master Code (Must Be On)
EC878528 1438A94C

Unlock All Aircraft
1CBD84486 1DFB00C
4CBD844C 1456E40C

Unlock All Weapons
1CBD8468 61DFB00C
1CBD846C 61DFB00C
1CBD8470 61DFB00C

Extra Paint Schemes
1CBD8450 61DFB00C
1CBD8450 61DFB00C
1CBD8454 61DFB00C
1CBD8458 61DFB00C
4CBD845C 1456B00C

Max Ammo A-10A
1CBD9E50 14DF089C
4CBD9E52 1456E788
4CBD9E56 1456E788
4CBD9E5A 1456E788

Max Ammo EF-2000
1CBD9ED0 14DF089C
4CBD9ED2 1456E788
4CBD9ED6 1456E788

Max Ammo F-117A
1CBD9EC0 14DF089C
4CBD9EC2 1456E788
4CBD9EC6 1456E788
4CBD9ECA 1456E788

Max Ammo F-14A
1CBD9E40 14DF089C
4CBD9E42 1456E788
4CBD9E46 1456E788

Max Ammo F-15 Active
1CBDA140 14DF089C
4CBDA142 1456E788
4CBDA146 1456E788

Max Ammo F-15C
1CBD9E90 14DF089C
4CBD9E92 1456E788
4CBD9E96 1456E788

Max Ammo F-15E
1CBD9EB0 14DF089C
4CBD9EB2 1456E788
4CBD9EB6 1456E788
4CBD9EBA 1456E788

Max Ammo F-16C
1CBD9E30 14DF089C
4CBD9E32 1456E788
4CBD9E36 1456E788

Max Ammo F-22A
1CBD9E10 14DF089C
4CBD9E12 1456E788
4CBD9E16 1456E788

Max Ammo F-2A
1CBD9EF0 14DF089C
4CBD9EF2 1456E788
4CBD9EF6 1456E788
4CBD9EFA 1456E788

Max Ammo F-4E
1CBD9F20 14DF089C
4CBD9F22 1456E788
4CBD9E26 1456E788

Max Ammo F-5E
1CBD9F10 14DF089C
4CBD9F12 1456E788
4CBD9F16 1456E788

Max Ammo F/A-18C
1CBD9E80 14DF089C
4CBD9E82 1456E788
4CBD9E86 1456E788
4CBD9E8A 1456E788

Max Ammo MIG 29A
1CBD9EA0 14DF089C
4CBD9EA2 1456E788
4CBD9EA6 1456E788

Max Ammo MIR-2000
1CBD9E60 14DF089C
4CBD9E62 1456E788
4CBD9E66 1456E788

Max Ammo R-M01
1CBD9EE0 14DF089C
4CBD9EE2 1456E788
4CBD9EE6 1456E788
4CBD9EEA 1456E788

Max Ammo S-37A
1CBDA130 14DF089C
4CBDA132 1456E788
4CBDA136 1456E788

Max Ammo SU-35
1CBD9E00 14DF089C
4CBD9E02 1456E788
4CBD9E06 1456E788

Max Ammo SU-37
1CBD9E20 14DF089C
4CBD9E22 1456E788
4CBDA126 1456E788
4CBDA12A 1456E788

Max Ammo TND-ID5
1CBD9E70 14DF089C
4CBD9E72 1456E788
4CBD9E76 1456E788
4CBD9E7A 1456E788

Max Ammo X-02
1CBDA150 14DF089C
4CBDA152 1456E788
4CBDA156 1456E788
4CBDA15A 1456E788
Submitted By:
Effect: Eject From Plane
During Game
Hold L1 L2 R1 R2 all at the same time, there for letting you escape before you are shot down.
Submitted By:
Effect: Get an extra 200 points in Level 8
During Level 8
To get these points you must have at least two missiles and a fairly fast airplane. During your mission breif when your in the cockpit you should see a small arrow in the top right hand corner of your screen. As soon as you gain control of your aircraft accelerate as fast as you can and follow the arrow. ( It may disappear but continue to fly in that direction). On your radar in will be a fast moving dot heading toward the incoming "Yellows." If you shoot it down you will get 200 points for it. It is called something like an "SR-71" but im not sure what it is.
Submitted By:
Effect: How to beat Megalith (last level)
During Game
Engage the fighters if you want but I fly high (20,000+feet) so they don't engage me anyways when you get to megalith you can fly north and destroy the levels ace if you're normal difficulty or higher, when you're in front of megalith descend like you would if there was a Stonehenge attack fly into the left tunnel don't crash but look to your left and after a little bit and the tunnel will split into two tuunels follow the left tunnel and you'll get a lock on a generator the end of the tunnel is small so you have to be good to get out after that go in front of megalith again and take the right tunnel. this one's pretty easy discluding the fact that your flying below 100feet after a while the tunnel will rise BE SURE THE TUNNEL RISES BEFORE YOU DO OR YOU WILL SMASH INTO THE CEILING!!!!!!!! the generator is right in front of you so blow it up. once you get out turn left and fly until the little green lines that mark megalith entrance paths disappear. then turn left 18!
0 degrees when they appear fly on the entrance path you will see a valley below you fly into it the generator will be in front of you on the left. blow it up fly out of the valley once you've destroyed the 3rd generator the ground people will open one door fly in front of mega lith and head for the middle. there will be one tunnel fly into it and there will be a giant missile when you enter the room doors above the missile will slowly open destroy the missile and fly out of the opening doors, if you make it there will be a special cut scene and you will unlock 3 new multiplayer levels an a screen where you can play songs from the game and where you can watch the cartoon cut scenes and some other options on the main menu.
Submitted By:
Effect: Extra 200 Points
On Level 16
WHEN you start this level you are heading towards the battle closest to the left boundry line. Also when you start you are in the first line of boxes going from left to right.Stay in that line of boxes and climb to an altitude of 20000 ft.Travel to the last box in the first row on the left and when you get a quarter of the way through you will see a dark orange dot or triangle appear at th e boundry line.The name of the plane is SR-71 but in real life it is called the SR-71 BLACKBIRD.It is worth 200 points if you shoot it down.
Submitted By:
Effect: Level 1: TND - 1D5 Infinite Armor
GameShark [M] must be on
1460B06B 9CF453F8

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