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Retro Game Cheats For
"Devil May Cry"
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This game is also available on PC.

Retro Game Cheats for Devil May Cry (PlayStation 2)
Effect: secret power up
in game
Hold R1 And Square Until You See Dantes Hands Glow Blue
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Effect: Get the shotgun
in game
Go To The Libery And Go Up The Stairs, When You Are Up The Stairs Turn Left And Their Is A Table In The Corner, Slash The Table
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Effect: unlimited devil trigger
during play
type r1 l2 r1 triangle r3 r3 r1 l1 triangle sqaure sqaure sqaure r1r2
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Effect: rapid fire
in game
Hold The R1 Button And Quickly Press Square Button As Fast As You Can
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Effect: location of all orbs
in game
1. Before mission starts find the pavilion on the bridge.
2. In the great hall jump kick to get to the left side of the stairs.
3. Smash open third suit of breakable armour
4. In the room with the 3-hole mechanism check the left pool of water.
5. On the right wing of the aeroplane

Mission 2:
6. Check under the table just before the statue in the time statue room.

Mission 3:
7. In front of the stone tablet just up from the broken bridge.
8. Look for a ledge above the large doors
9. Secret mission one

Mission 4:
10. Secret mission two
11. Secret mission three
12. Secret mission four
13. Just after you gain the untouchable check out the highest tower

Mission 6:
14. When you reach the dead-end jump up to the top right of the ruins.

Mission 7:
15. Secret mission five

Mission 8:
16. On the ledge above the horse statues
17. After the barrier check out the water pool on the right

Mission 9:
18. Smash the tombstone to the right of the courtyard entrance.

Mission 11:
19. Secret mission six
20. Inside the gate to the left of the start
21. Kill all blades in the well

Mission 12:
22. Get over to the bow of the ship

Mission 13:
23. Just under the door leading to the deck of the ship

Mission 14:
24. Secret mission 7
25. After leaving the ship check the pool
26. After leaving the elevator check out the edge of the cliff to the right
27. To the right of the end of the bridge.

Mission 15:P
28. Secret mission eight
29. In the room with the blue emblem smash the wall open
30. Before you pick up the item in the red emblem room jump up underneath the stand
31. Before you take on griffon head up to the highest point of the coliseum

Mission 16:
32. Secret mission nine.
33. Check to the right of the staircase in the great hall
34. Jump off the head of the horse statue in the great hall
35. In the time statue room jump under the head
36. Secret mission ten
37. After using the staff of hermes check the side of the bed

Mission 17:
38. Secret mission 11
39. In the dragon room check the upper right side of the terrace

Mission 18:
40. In the third room look inside the single barrel
41. When you reach the dead end check to the side of the staircase
42. In the philosophers stone room check the far left corner

Mission 19:
43. Check the ledge next to the tower in the mirror world
44. The final orb is the next tower.
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Effect: uppercut the enemy up in the air and shoot them
in game
If The Camera Is Looking At You And There's An Enemy Their, Run Up To Him And Press Down Analog Direction And Triangle. When In Mid Air QUICKLY Press Fire
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Effect: Super Dante
In game
Beat The Game In Dante Must Die Mode
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Effect: Inf. Health
Gameshark Screen
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Effect: Unlock Easy Difficulty
in game
Continue A Lot Within The First Couple Of Levels In The Game
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Effect: Secret Mission Locations
1.Critical Hit-Mission 3-Go to the broken bridge and fall in.
2.Phantom Baby-Mission 4-Re enter the cathedral where you fought Phantom.
3.Phantom Baby-Mission 4-Enter the god of time room next to the biplane room.Defeat Phantom first.
4.Three beast-Mission 4-Enter the arena under the biplane room [you only have one chance to beat this secret mission]
5.One eyed evil-Mission 5-Re enter the room where the Beezelbub first appeared.
6.Wandering ghost-Mission 11-Re enter the area where mission 10 ended.
7.Water cell-Mission 13-Returne to the captains cabin and use the action button on his skeleton.
8.Treasure of the reaper-Mission 15-Returne to the area where you found the Sheild Emblem and examine the skull carved on the wall.
9.Stairway of Trainquility-Mission 16-Re enter the coliseum after you defeat the Griffon.
10.Shadow of Darkness-Mission 16-Re enter the biplane room after Nightmare is defeated.
11.Blue gem in the ski-Mission 17-Activate the Air raid and fly to the opposite side of the bridge but dont fall in the water.
12.Hidden Bangel-Mission 21-Examine the wall that the god of time faces.
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