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Retro Game Cheats For
"Ridge Racer: Type 4"

Retro Game Cheats for Ridge Racer: Type 4 (PlayStation)
Effect: Gives You All Cars
Press Start Half Way Thougth The Race In Grand Prix Mode
Press Square x(3), Circle (x4), Triangle (x2)
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Effect: Gives you turbo start.
At the starting line of a race.
Hold down L2 and R2.
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Effect: Gives Bonus Vehicles - Pac Man and "eatemup" car in Time Attack
Happens automatically
By Completing The Game (Getting All 320 Vehicles)
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Effect: Its team banners appear on the windshields of Ridge Racer Type 4 Cars!!
Have a saved rage racer game on your memory card.
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Effect: various cheats
during the game
All cars
Pause the game at the half way point in the first race in Gran Prix mode. Then,
press Square(3), Circle(4), Triangle(2). Note: In the Japanese version of the
game, press Triangle(3), Circle(4), Square(2).

Bonus vehicles
Unlock all 320 cars in the game. Then the Pac-Man character, which can run at
252 km/h, and the Sony Eat'em Up car will be selectable in time attack mode.

Extra Trial mode
Successfully complete Gran Prix mode.

Bonus tracks, cars, and music (Ridge Racer High Spec Demo)
Finish in first place in all time trial tracks and beat the time in all time
attack tracks to unlock four reversed tracks, eight new cars, and a bonus song.
This will also unlock another ending after the replay and other music.

Rage Racer information
Use a memory card with a saved game file from Rage Racer to place your old team
information on the cars in Ridge Racer Type 4.

Four player mode
Connect two PlayStations via a link cable. Then a "Link Battle" mode that
allows a simultaneous four player game will appear.

Game music
Play track two and higher of either game disc in an audio CD player to hear
music from the game.
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