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Blood Roar 2 Cheats
(PC Games)

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Effect: Full Speed and more to unlock
in game modes
One thing is the speed of the game. While it's faster
than in the first, it's not as insane as it sounds.
The speed is more realistic. I say this because it
felt as if everyone in BR1 attacked at an insane speed,
even the bigger characters seem to be able to rival
smaller characters with ease. Now, there is a difference
noticeable about each character's speed compared with their
movements, attacks, and their size. For instance, a character
who plays as Yugo, whose size decently big and wields alot of
power, cannot easily match the lightning-fast movements and
attacks done by Bakuryu, whose size adds to his elusiveness.
Now you really have study and learn your characters if you
want to cover their weaknesses.
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