PlayStation cheats for Tomb Raider 3
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Tomb Raider 3 (PS1)
This game is also available on PC
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Tomb Raider 3 cheats and cheat codes for PS1.
Showing 1 to 14 of 14 Tomb Raider 3 for PlayStation cheats
Tomb Raider 3 Cheats for PlayStation
Effect: Level skip
When: During gameplay
How: Press: L2, R2, L2*2, R2, L2, R2, L2, R2, L2*4, R2, L2, R2*4, L2
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: All weapons
When: During Play
How: Press: L2, R2x2, L2x4, R2, L2, R2x2, L2, R2x2, L2x2, R2, L2x2, R2
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: All secrets and keys
When: During Play
How: Press: L2x5, R2, L2x3, R2, L2, R2, L2x2, R2, L2x2, R2, L2x2
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Full Energy
When: During Play
How: Type R2(x2), L2, R2, L2(x6), R2, L2(x3), R2, L2(x5)
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Race Track Kes
When: Lara's Mansion
How: Type R2, L2(x3), R2, L2(x6), R2, L2(x5), R2, L2(x2)
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: get pistols in house
When: out side the house
How: After Monkey Bars Theres A Pit With A Green Bridge Over It Crawl Under It To Get Pistols
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: You find a Secret, and get assorted ammo and flares.
When: After you have climbed up the enourmous tree trunk on the first level.
How: After you have climbed half way up the tree trunk, shoot the tiger that leaps out at you. Then, walk slowly to the end of the tree trunk and jump off. Immediatly, do a 180 turn, or press "O". Walk forward as far as you can go, and then jump straight at the tree trunk while holding "X". Lara will seem to grab hold of the tree! Pull yourself up, and you will crawl inside the middle of the tree, which turns out to be hollow! Inside you will find flares, and assorted ammo. This is counted as a "Secret", so it goes down on your statistics sheet as one more Secret found.
Submitted By: metalhead
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Effect: Gives lara two heads in her home.
When: During the first levels.
How: During the India levels,do the level skip cheat until the map select .then select London and jump off the building to kill yourself and then return to the title and go in her home.She SHOULD then appear with two heads.
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Secret room
When: In lara's house
How: Behind The Diving Board Is A Switch. Flick It And A Door Opens To Another Switch. Go To That Switch, Flick It, Press Circle And Sprint To The Door In Front Of You. Just Before You Reach The Door, Press Circle
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Gives the shotgun
When: The first level
How: When You Start, Turn Right, Go Up The Rock And Turn Left. Under A Rock Are Some Leaves. Jump Into Them
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: All weapons, Medi-kits and Save Crystals
When: During game
How: Press L2, R2, R2, L2, L2, L2, L2, R2, L2, R2, R2, L2, R2, R2, L2, L2, R2, L2, L2, R2
Submitted By: PinkPig
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Effect: Atomic Lara
When: When title screen is loading
How: Enter L1,L1,L1,TRIANGLE,CI RCLE,CIRLE, X,X,X,X,R1,R1,R2,L2, SQUARE after that you have to get to the second level and pick up the shotgun ammo in the tomb when you dont have a shotgun then go to your inventory and click on the shotgun ammo and it will be your pistol and then press L1,L1,L1,L2,L2,L2,L2 ,L2,R1,R1,R1,R1,R1,R 2,R2,R2 then put it away and take it out again. It will now shoot nuclear missiles.
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Make Lara do a handstand
When: While hanging of a cliff
How: Hold x and R1 then press up
Submitted By: cap4
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Effect: Dive.
When: Anywhere in the game.
How: Press R1 and jump forward.
Submitted By: just sexy
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