PlayStation cheats for Resident Evil 3
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Resident Evil 3 (PS1)
This game is also available on GameCube
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Resident Evil 3 cheats and cheat codes for PS1.
Showing 1 to 8 of 8 Resident Evil 3 for PlayStation cheats
Resident Evil 3 Cheats for PlayStation
Effect: Unlocks Epilogues - Biographies of the characters
When: Game hint
How: Complete the game on the Hard mode
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: (1)This gives you up to five costumes. The better the grade, the more the costumes. You must get an 'S' rating, to get all the costumes for Jill. Also, you will get a sub-game called The Mercenaires, which enables you to buy weapons for the main game. (2) If you do this correctly, Game Instructions A will turn into Jill's Diary, which contains secret information on Umbrella. (3) Every time you complete the game in Hard mode, you will get an Epilogue, telling you what happened to the main characters, after the events of Resident Evil 3 ; Nemesis.There are eight of these. (4) In Hard Mode, every time you knock down The Nemesis, he'll give you a silver briefcase, that contains a different prize every time. You can even build two new weapons with the parts he leaves.
When: Throughout the main game.
How: (1) Complete the game once in the main game. (2) Collect all 30 files in order. (3) Complete game 8 times on Hard mode. (4) Knock down Nemesis every time you see him in Hard mode.
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Gives you STARS card.
When: During first encounter with Nemesis.
How: When you get the chance to run or fight with him, choose fight and then run over to Brad. Search him to get the card case and run into the police station, then select the card case and choose check.
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: during mercenaries mode go to the place with the 3 dogs kill two and then jump on to the crate and let the dog jump tying to get you but every time he jumps press R1 and you will Step back and rake in the points.
When: In the game
How: During mercenaries mode go to the place with the 3 dogs, kill two and then jump on to the crate and let the dog jump tying to get you but every time he jumps press R1 and you will step back, no activation just do as above.
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Water combustion code
When: During the game
How: When you reach the water combination code type: A 1 RIGHT B 3 RIGHT C 4 LEFT
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Unlock Jill in a miniskirt(and other costumes)
When: Hard Mode
How: Complete the game with an A rank
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: tells you where the civillians are in order
When: in mercenaries mode.
How: Civilian locations in mercenaries mode. The civilians that must be saved in mercenaries mode may be found at the following locations. Note: You must save them in this order or some of them will die. Also, You must kill all the enemies in the room with the civilians or they will not be saved. Number 1. Gas Station Number 2. Basement of the Restaurant Number 3. Third Floor of the Raccoon Press Office Number 4. Sub Station (where you got the fuse) Number 5. Sales Office Number 6. The Bar
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Fight Nemesis outside the substaion
When: in game
How: When you get out of the cabel car get the battery and go to the substaion when the zobmies try to break in let them kill them get the fruse and get out when you get out the zobmies will kill Jill but thery will be kill by Nemesis after that run and you will fight Nemesis.
Submitted By: Solid Snake
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