PlayStation cheats for Parasite Eve 2
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Parasite Eve 2 cheats and cheat codes for PS1.
Showing 1 to 10 of 10 Parasite Eve 2 for PlayStation cheats
Parasite Eve 2 Cheats for PlayStation
Effect: Items for the game.
When: A Trio of Goodness: Down in the sewer after you go under the stairs, walk Aya into the wall and keep her moving down. She will walk in to a room with three special items.
How: -At the bridge that is standing under water you have to fill in the code 561 and the bridge will rise. -At the lobby in Dryfield fill in the code # 3033 and press tota,l then you get the bronco master key. -At the fire resistant safe fill in the code 4487 and you will get a bottle of holy water. -The code for the floodgate is 18. -The code for the moongate is 15. -At the moongate you can chouse 2 ways. If you go through, you got Pierce's route (the bad ending). If you ignore it it will be Kyle's route (the good ending). -This is a code you have to enter at the computer with the virus on and the code is a3eilm2s2y.
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Easy kill on red Golem soldier.
When: When you meet a red Golem soldier.
How: Let Golem grab you then run and put your back against a wall, he will appear in front of you every time so he is easy to kill. (this way does get you hurt but its easier).
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Allows you acess to the laptop computer in the laboratory
When: This cheat should be entered into the virus-protected laptop computer
How: This cheat is simply activated by entering these words into the laptop: A3EILM2S2Y, then you have to enter three random questions
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Get the high powered machine gun
When: In game
How: Complete the game eight times
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Gives you the hyperrail gun!
When: In game
How: Complete the game ten times
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: To get MP Boost & Protein Capsules
When: During the game
How: Go To The Back Of The Cafeteria (After Defeating ANMC's) Poseidon's Fountain Area. First Check The Garbage Can For An MPBoost. Then Check The Fountain For 'Something Floating'. Walk Down To The Curve To The Right To Inspect A Red Tree. Aya Will Make A Comment That Will Trigger An Event After Which Will Give Access To A Secret Area. At The Secret Area, You Will See A S.W.A.T. Ammo Box, Check And Get Protein Capsules
Submitted By: IronCladChicken
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Effect: To get more Grenade Ammo
When: During the game
How: After Descending The Observatory, Walk Straight To Your Right Then Up, Press X Continuously To Open A Meteorological Gadgets' Box (Sort Of Like A Pigeon Hole To Me) Where You Can Find 4 More Grenades
Submitted By: IronCladChicken
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Effect: A Trio of Goodness
When: During the game
How: Down In The Sewer After You Go Under The Stairs, Walk Aya Into The Wall And Keep Her Moving Down. She Will Walk Into A Room With Three Special Items
Submitted By: IronCladChicken
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Effect: Electric Car
When: During the game
How: When You Are In The Underground Parking, To Get The Electric Car Out Of The Garage, Push The Blue And Yellow Buttons On The Control Panel
Submitted By: IronCladChicken
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Effect: Give you access to unlimited 9mm Hydra, 9mm PB, Buckshoot, free AS12 Shootgun & two access to the armoury on B1 in the shelter.
When: At Acropolis Towers, on your first visit to the sanctuary gardens, at the fire exit door you can see a black square on the floor, check the door twice, eve will find the card.
How: When you reach the shelter go into the armoury on B1, go up to the red light on the left by the BP machine, then use the black key card from your key item list.
Submitted By: dodgers
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