PlayStation 3 cheats for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Modern Warfare 2 )
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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3)
This game is also available on Xbox 360, PC
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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 cheats and cheat codes for PS3.
Showing 1 to 8 of 8 Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for PlayStation 3 cheats
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Cheats for PlayStation 3
Effect: Gives you the bonus mission, Museum.
When: Game play.
How: Complete the game on any difficulty.
Submitted By: JaguarGT
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Effect: Unlimited Care package
When: During online play or split-screenplay
How: 1. Get up enough kills to receive the desired care package. If you are having trouble doing this, turning on hardline will allow you to receive them with 1 less kill, so regular care packages only take 3 kills rather than 4, and so on. 2. Find an object you can climb over. It has to have the pop up message saying 'Push A (x on PS3) to climb over'. 3. Push A (X on PS3) to climb over it, while your character is climbing, push right on the d pad once, then twice, during the climb over action. Afterwards, you should still have you care package out, rather than your gun. Repeat until you are certain you completed it before the jump over action is finished. 4. Call in your care package. Throw the smoke signal to the desired area, and when it arrives, collect it. 5. Call in what the package contained. If it contained a turret, place the turret, if it was a AC-130, call in an AC-130 and use it. 6. Now, if you did it right, you should have another care package. Repeat the steps above for each care package before using it, and you will have unlimited.
Submitted By: Manilla2013
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Effect: Automatic FAL
When: During online or split-screen play
How: Step 1: make custom class with an FAL w/ grenade launcher, USP, semtex, and the perks marathon, stopping power and ninja. Make another custom class with an FAL w/ red dot sight and grenade launcher(different camo than 1st FAL), USP, semtex and perks bling, stopping power and ninja Step 2: Pick class 1 and wait a while, and then switch classes to class 2. Step 3: Commit suicide with Fal out Step 4: Go back and get your Fal and replace for the USP shoot off both grenades from launcher, the trade the Fal w/ red dot sight for the USP. Switch back to the FAL and hold down trigger. If done right Fal will be automatic.
Submitted By: Manilla2013
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Effect: Infinite time in an AC130
When: During online/ Splitscreen play
How: A fan favorite kill-streak reward, the AC130 has its own glitches. Getting stuck in permanent AC130 mode? That's possible. First, you have to go somewhere on the map where "prone blocked" shows up on the screen. Once the kill-streak reward is called in, open up the briefcase, go prone and then crouch. If you do things successfully, the game won't let you out of AC130 mode.
Submitted By: Manilla2013
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Effect: Survive Tactical Nuke
When: During online/splitscreen play
How: Thought it would be cool to survive a nuclear missile ("tactical nuke") in "Modern Warfare 2"? Basically, you will somehow have to be in a final stand/last stand. From there, active an EMP and you will survive the approaching nuclear holocaust.
Submitted By: Manilla2013
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Effect: Auto Steady Aim/ Always Sprint
When: During online/splitscreen play
How: Change your layout to "lefty mode," hold down the R3 stick, pause the game, choose the "default" button layout, go back to the main menu, let go of the R3 stick and then resume the game. If you did everything right, not only will you automatically sprint when moving forward but you will also hold your breath automatically when sniping.
Submitted By: Manilla2013
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Effect: Higher jumping
When: During online/splitscreen play
How: First, you will have to have Lightweight and Marathon selected for your perks, then make sure "Care Package Drop" is selected for one of your kill-streak rewards. Secondly, earn four kills (or three with Hard-line) and get a care package marker. Lastly, hold the marker in your hand to strafe-jump wherever you like.
Submitted By: Manilla2013
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Effect: it makes you jump 100000 meters in they air
When: when doing split screen-3PLAYERS
How: Go to a high building in RUST and crouch and fall
Submitted By: bai
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