PlayStation 2 cheats for Drakengard
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Drakengard cheats and cheat codes for PS2.
Showing 1 to 3 of 3 Drakengard for PlayStation 2 cheats
Drakengard Cheats for PlayStation 2
Effect: How to use a jet for all your sky missions
When: complete chapter 13 and then complete the Free Mission at Shinjuku
How: this will then unlock a fighter jet for all your sky missions just go to the dragon select menu and go down the choas dragon levels till you see ??? that is the jet but remember you can only use it in sky missions.
Submitted By: Smeginator
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Effect: Easy EXP points for you weapons
When: on the first chapter on free mode
How: all you have to do is reapet the level until your weapons are powerful level 4 is the max level of your weapons the level is easy so it shouldnt take to long.
Submitted By: Smeginator
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Effect: chaos dragon
When: in the dragon part
How: when you reach l.v 4 it will turn to chaos dragon
Submitted By: aaaa2
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