PC Games cheats for Turok 2008
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Turok 2008 cheats and cheat codes for PC.
Showing 1 to 7 of 7 Turok 2008 for PC Games cheats
Turok 2008 Cheats for PC Games
Effect: Game cheats
When: -
How: Locate and open the TurokInput.ini file in your GameConfig folder using Notepad. Locate the following lines: [Engine.Console] MaxScrollbackSize=10 24 HistoryBot=0 ConsoleKey=None and change to: [Engine.Console] MaxScrollbackSize=10 24 HistoryBot=0 ConsoleKey=end Now, while playing, press the [END] key to bring up the console and type any of the following cheat codes. Code - Result: god - God Mode allammo - 999 Ammo allweapons - All Weapons loaded - All Weapons fly - Fly Mode walk - Walk Mode ghost - No Clipping Mode behindview 1 - 3rd Person View oneshotkill - One Hit Kills alwaysammo - Unlimited Ammo playersonly - Freeze Enemies teleport - Teleport to Crosshair
Submitted By: gRoZzEr
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Effect: Inhuman difficulty
When: -
How: Successfully complete the game under the Normal or Hard difficulty setting.
Submitted By: gRoZzEr
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Effect: Defeating chaingunners
When: -
How: When fighting enemy soldiers with chainguns, do not attempt to knife them as they are immune and will always mow you down before you get close. Also do not use the bow with normal arrows. They have very little effect on the chaingunners. However, Tek arrows will hurt them a lot. When using a sniper rifle against them, it is very difficult to get headshot on them. Body shots tend to take more than two hits on the chaingunners.
Submitted By: gRoZzEr
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Effect: Defeating dinosaurs
When: -
How: When fighting most dinosaurs, use the knife instead of guns. The knife is an instant kill and you will save precious ammunition in the long run. The only exceptions for this are the Dilophosaurs and giant insects. For those, use some type of explosive or specific weapon to stun them or knock them off their feet for a moment before you knife them. Even under the Hard and Inhuman difficulty you should still use the knife on the dinosaurs. You will die frequently unless you can get the timing done precisely. Because the game checkpoints before most fights it should not matter.
Submitted By: gRoZzEr
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Effect: Defeating scorpions
When: -
How: Sometimes when you shoot a scorpion with a shotgun or when an explosion is next to it, the scorpion will flip over. You can run up to it and do a special knife kill. Sometimes when the scorpion jumps on you and you have to press a series of buttons to get it off, you will stab it in the head.
Submitted By: gRoZzEr
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Effect: Defending against a maul
When: -
How: Whenever you gets mauled by a dinosaur or insect, you can usually defend against it by beating the creature off Turok. However if you manage to press the correct buttons quickly and hit only a few or no wrong buttons there is a chance that instead of simply pushing the creature away, Turok with stab the creature to death. This can also happen if the creature mauling Turok has already taken a little bit of damage beforehand.
Submitted By: gRoZzEr
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Effect: Stealth tactics
When: -
How: The knife and bow will kill most enemies quickly and quietly. It is best to use them when doing stealth kills. The exception of course is that you must use normal arrows with the bow for it to be a silent kill. Tek arrow explosions will only draw attention unless you can kill all nearby enemies with just one shot. When stealth killing enemy soldiers, try to kill them in a place that will hide the body after that person dies otherwise another soldier may see the body and alert his comrades.
Submitted By: gRoZzEr
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