PC Games cheats for Spiderman
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Spiderman (PC)
This game is also available on PS1, N64, Atari ST
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Spiderman cheats and cheat codes for PC.
Showing 1 to 7 of 7 Spiderman for PC Games cheats
Spiderman Cheats for PC Games
Effect: LEANEST Unlock All GLANDS Unlimited Webbing WEAKNESS Full Health ADMNTIUM God Mode MME WEB Select Level RGSGLLRY Character Viewer FUNKYTWN Cartoon Spiderman STICKMAN Stickfigure Spiderman CLUBNOIR Ben Reilly Costume UATUSEES What If Challenge CINEMA View Movies FANBOY All Comics KIRBYFAN PC Covers ROBRTSON Storyboard Viewer SM LVIII Quickchange Costume MRWATSON Peter Parker Costume KICK ME Amazing Bag Man Costume XILRTRNS Scarlet Spider Costume SYNOPTIC Spidey Unlimited Costume TRISNTNL Captain Universe Costume MIGUELOH Spidey 2099 Costume SECRTWAR Symbiotic Costume RULUR J James Jewett EGOTRIP Pulsating Head
When: At the cheat menu
How: Type one of these codes
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Unlimited Webbing
When: At the cheat menu
How: Type GLANDS
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Select Level
When: At the cheat menu
How: Type MME WEB
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Character Viewer
When: At the cheat menu
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Cucoon which stops and injures enemies
When: During game
How: Press Web+Right
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Cheatmode2
When: Go to SPECIAL / CHEATS and enter the codes
How: Result Code -------------------- ----------- master code - eel nats level select - xclsior invincibility - rustcrst full health - dcstur unlimited webbing - strudl all comic books - allsixcc all gallery characters - cviewen symbiote spidey costume - blkspider spidey 2099 costume - twntyndn Toon Spidey - FUNKYTWN Stick Spidey - STICKMAN Ben Reilly Costume - CLUBNOIR invulnerable - ADMNTIUM What If Contest - UATUSEES Character Viewer - RGSGLLRY Movie Viewer - CINEMA Comic Collection - FANBOY Level Select - MME WEB Game Comic Covers - KIRBYFAN Storyboard Viewer - ROBRTSON Quick Change Costume - SM LVIII Peter Parker Costume - MRWATSON Amazing Bag Man Costume - KICK ME Scarlet Spider Costume - XILRTRNS Spidey Unlimited Costume - SYNOPTIC Captain Universe Costume - TRISNTNL spidey 2099 costume - MIGUELOH symbiote spidey costume - SECRTWAR James Jewett - RULUR pulsating head - EGOTRIP unlimited webbing - GLANDS everything - LEANEST full health - WEAKNESS All - LEANEST
Submitted By: Samsy
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Effect: Cheatmode
When: Before the game
How: In Specials, enter:(for pc) Enemies Have Big Heads Code: JOELSPEANUTS Play as Mary Jane Code: GIRLNEXTDOOR Play as The Shocker Code: HERMANSCHULTZ Play as a Scientist Code: SERUM Play as a Police Officer Code: REALHERO Play as Captain Stacey Code: CAPTAINSTACEY Play as Thug Model 1 Code: KNUCKLES Play as Thug Model 2 Code: STICKYRICE Play as Thug Model 3 Code: THUGRUS All Fighting Controls Code: KOALA First Person View Code: UNDERTHEMASK Infinite Webbing Code: ORGANICWEBBING Big Head and Feet Code: GOESTOYOURHEAD Small Spider-Man Code: SPIDERBYTE Matrix-Style Attacks Code: DODGETHIS Super Coolant Code: CHILLOUT Goblin-Style Costume Code: FREAKOUT Regular Levels,FMVs,Gallery Code: ARACHNID Level Skip Code: ROMITAS Level Select Code: IMIARMAS Bonus Training Levels Code: HEADEXPLODY
Submitted By: Samsy
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