PC Games cheats for Gangsters: Organised Crime
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Gangsters: Organised Crime cheats and cheat codes for PC.
Showing 1 to 12 of 12 Gangsters: Organised Crime for PC Games cheats
Gangsters: Organised Crime Cheats for PC Games
Effect: Extra money
When: At the lieutenants screen
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Start with 255 hoods!! Gives You about 544,000,000 bucks!!
When: At the Windows 95-98 Run at the start bar
How: Go to 'Run' in the Windows 98 Start Menu and type regedit. Now click through the following folders... hkey_local_machine Software Hothouse Gangsters At 'Default Money,' change 2710 to 207101FF for about 544,000,000 bucks!! At 'Default Hoods,' change A to FF to start with 255 hoods!!
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Gives you 255 hoods in the pool.
When: At windows 95 or 98 screen before the game is running.
How: Click on the start bar and click on run. Type in regedit. Click on hkey_local_machine, then click Software, then Hothouse, then Gangsters, then click on default hoods and change A to FF.
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Gives you $50000.
When: At the lieutenant screen.
How: Type: i love hanson.
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Access Leagues
When: At any menu
How: type GIVEMESCORPIO (all caps) for Scorpio League or GIVEMETAURUS for Taurus League.
Submitted By: Mike C
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Effect: unlimited cash and hoods
When: On Window desktop Before Play
How: Go To Start, Run, then run 'regedit', Go through the folders until you find the gangsters folder then click on deafault money a box with come up with some code (ignore it) just add around 5 f's on the end (not to many or the game will crash) and hey presto when you load the game you will have unlimited money, you can also add f's to the end of hoods for unlimited hoods
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Free Items
When: Go to the Lieutenant's page of the Gang Organizer
How: Open the Cars menu, and go to the "Black Market". Instead of clicking on the car you want and waiting for the money clip to appear, quickly drag the car of your choice from the "Black Market" page to the picture of it on the Lieutenant's side. If this was done fast enough, the item will be yours, with no money being subtracted. This can also be done with guns, but does not work with recruited hoods. Note: Try this first without having enough money for the object, as it takes some practice. After each time this trick is used (whether successful or not), exit the "Black Market" and return
Submitted By: Mike C
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Effect: Easy Properties
When: During The Game
How: Extort some properties (it will not matter if they want to pay you the money). After that week, look on the map and double click on the property that was extorted. A picture of the owner will appear with details about the shop. Move the cursor next to the picture in the "blank space" and the cursor will change. Click when this happens and the property will become yours. Do not forget to send a man to run the place the following week.
Submitted By: Mike C
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Effect: $3000 For Gangs
When: At the Lieutenant part of the gang organizer screen
How: Press D + A + R + T to give $3000 to each gang.
Submitted By: Mike C
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Effect: Free Business
When: In the Gang Organizer
How: Go to the city maps. Bring up the info on any business and let the mouse hover around over the box until a little 'Return to base' tip appears. Click there and tada, the business is yours. If you want, you can sell it on the spot and the cash will go directly into your assets. Or you can wait until next week when you can send someone to run the business.
Submitted By: Mike C
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Effect: Alter Gravity
When: At any menu
How: Type FLYMETOTHEMOON (all caps) for Medium Gravity, JACKIMFLYING for High Gravity or BRINGMEBACKTOEARTH to restore Normal Gravity.
Submitted By: Mike C
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Effect: Alter Game Speed
When: At any menu
How: Type WARPSPEEDMRSULU (all caps) for Hyper Speed or WRECKEDONSPEED for Mega Speed.
Submitted By: Mike C
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