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Freeola has thousands of free game cheats for all formats including the PC. While many formats come and go, the home computer running Windows continues to offer everything from free PC games to the latest cutting edge software and graphics. We have the latest tips and cheat codes for computer games, old and new. Simply browse the list of latest cheats below, or use the search box above to find a specific cheat. If you know of any computer game cheats that are missing from our site, you could win games or anything you like from our great free competition.

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Far Cry 4 Cheats for PC Games
Cheat Effect: Infinite Karma and money
When: During the game
How: Travel to the Clouded Leopard marker on your map that is southwest from the Kyra Tea Factory location, and just across the river. This area can be accessed at the start of the game. It is recommended to use the Recurve Bow, but you can use any bow or weapon. However, you are rewarded with double skins for each kill when using a bow. Use this method to quickly earn enough money to upgrade to the Recurve Bow if you do not already have it. Throw bait down from the hill, then shoot the Clouded Leopard in the head. Repeat this process until you are out of bait. Then, go down to skin the animals to refill your bait. Repeat this process as many times as desired. Clouded Leopard skins sell for 16,000 rupees each. It is recommended to upgrade the bait bag first to make the process quicker. You can easily earn 500,000 rupees approximately every ten minutes. You can also use this same method at any predator location (bears, bengal tigers, etc.) to quickly increase your Karma meter.
Submitted By: xbeastkillerx
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Wolfenstein: The New Order Cheats for PC Games
Cheat Effect: God Mode Infinite Ammo
When: Activate Dev console during gameplay with: CTRL + ` (the key below ESC), then enter the following codes ...
How: God Mode cvaradd g_permagodmode 1 Infinite Ammo cvaradd g_permainfiniteammo 1
Submitted By: DL
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Bloody Roar Cheats for PC Games
Cheat Effect: unlimited health:fun
When: during the game
How: 0aek348f
Submitted By: hamer
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Europa Universalis IV Cheats for PC Games
Cheat Effect: Add casus belli against target country. MOHAHAHA i dont like you. WAAARRR!!
When: During game
How: Press ~ for the command box and enter add_cb [] []
Submitted By: spoonbeast
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Turtle Odyssey 2 Cheats for PC Games
Cheat Effect: Air Spin + Jump
When: During game
How: LEFT+RIGHT (repeatedly)+JUMP
Submitted By: spoonbeast
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Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode Four Cheats for PC Games
Cheat Effect: Unlock Cthulhu
When: During game
How: After obtaining the Dae-whale, fly to the floating temple off the southern-most point of the map. Inside defeat Cthulhu and he's yours.
Submitted By: spoonbeast
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Fez Cheats for PC Games
Cheat Effect: Achievement unlocked
When: During game
Submitted By: spoonbeast
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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
Cheats for PC Games
Cheat Effect: Ability points you earn per level (Default=5)
When: During game
How: press enter and type case sensitive code: /HERO_ABILITYPOINTS_ PER_LEVELUP=10
Submitted By: spoonbeast
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