Nintendo 64 cheats for Luigis Mansion
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Luigis Mansion cheats and cheat codes for N64.
Showing 1 to 8 of 8 Luigis Mansion for Nintendo 64 cheats
Luigis Mansion Cheats for Nintendo 64
Effect: Reward for 50 boos
When: During the game
How: One of the sidequests in Luigi's Mansion is the capture of the 50 Boos that you released accidentally in the beginning of the game. Finding Boos can be a time-consuming task as you have to make your way through the whole mansion and track them with your Game Boy Horror "Boo Sensor." Boos like to hide in rooms with the lights on, so be sure to check in every nook and cranny. A blue light on your GBH means there's no Boo to be found, a yellow light means you're close, and red means you're right in front of the hiding ghost. If the light is red, switch on your vaccuum or examine the object in question with A. Watch out, though, not every red light equals a boo. Sometimes a Boo Ball will fall out (you can simply blast it at a wall or leave it where it is), or a bomb that has the potential to cause some damage -- so run! If you're having problems finding all 50 Boos, be sure to look in the "door-less" ; treasure rooms. The reward for catching all 50 Boos is a large diamond.
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Secret treasure rooms
When: During the game
How: There are two secret treasure rooms in Luigi's Mansion that you can access to load up on gems and money. The first one is located on the first floor, in the south-west corner of the Mansion. After you have sucked in the candle-carrying butler, exmaine the room with your Game Boy Horror to find a mousehole. Press A to activate it and go inside to enter the trasure room. The second treasure room is accessible from the roof top. Use the elevator in the toy chamber to get on the roof, the go all the way to the right and climb up on the chimney. Fall down and you will land in another treasure room.
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Secret warp zones
When: During the games
How: Running around from one end of the mansion to the other can be a very time consuming task. Thankfully, Nintendo has implemented hidden warps that let you zoom back to the entrance hall. Basically, any mirror in the mansion (except for the large one that reflects the invisible ghosts) can act as a warp. To warp using a mirror, switch to your Game Boy Horror's first person mode and examine the mirror with A. After a really trippy warp sequence, you will find yourself in the entrance hall of Luigi's Mansion.
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Water the Plant
When: During the game
How: Ever notice the seed in the outdoors area with the dog house? It's at the right side, near the graveyard and just underneath the balcony with Toad. This seed hides a secret that you can unlock right before facing the second boss. Once you have the ability to use the Water Element, water the seed. A plant will grow. Now enter the dog house (examine it with the Game Boy Horror) and defeat the second boss. Return to this area afterwards and water the plant again. Now continue with the game, but be sure to return after you defeat boss #3. Water the plant again and it will bloom and produce a precious diamond. Note that if you fail to return and water the plant after a boss fight, the plant will whither and die.
Submitted By: Anonymous
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Effect: Hidden Hearts
When: During game
How: If you're running low on life, get out your vaccuum and start sucking lamps and vases. Nearly every second vase has a heart hidden inside and almost every lamp or chandelier either has cash or hearts.
Submitted By: cookie monster
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Effect: Alternative mansion
When: During game
How: After playing through the game save and you will find the "Another mansion" mode at the title screen
Submitted By: cookie monster
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Effect: Gallery mode
When: During game
How: After completing the game all of the gallery will be unlocked.
Submitted By: cookie monster
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Effect: Where to find the Money Ghosts
When: During the game
How: These only appear once, and only when the lights are off. Lift your hoover upwards slighlty when they appear, then press R immediatley before they leg it. Later, you can make things easier by using ics, fire or water to stop them in their tracks. Here are th e positions of the money ghosts: Wardrobe Room - hiding inside the right-hand cupboard. Study - check the whole of Neville's desk. Storage Room - tap at the chair on the right. Dining Room - inside the left-hand cabinet. Kitchen - inside the left-hand oven. Rec Room - inside the training machine to the bottom-right. Nana's Room - inside the righ-hand table. Billiards Room - search the bottom-right chair. Twin's Bedroom - on top of the bunk bed. Breaker Room - underneath the tablecloth. Cellar - inside one of the barrels. Second floor Treasure Room - inside one of the chests.
Submitted By: Anonymous
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